ID or Text

Enter all words that shall be found. As a standard all words must be contained by a document. If only one or some of the words must be contained use the OR-Search e. g. "insolvency OR debts". The case of characters will be ignored.

Overview Boolean Operators


AND-Search, this is the initial setting


OR-Search (inclusive-or, means: both ... and)

Search expressions can be structured by parentheses:, e.g. "(debts AND credit) OR insolvency".

Putting NOT before an expression (this can be a word, a phrase or a complex expression in parentheses) will exclude records containing this expression from the hits, e.g. "insolvency NOT London" excludes all records containing both words.

Overview Functions


word will be excluded from the hits


word will be found only if it corresponds exactly as written


similar words will be shown even if the exact form is found


if nothing else is specified the search will show both exact and similar hits

"strings of words"

limiting a string of words with quotation marks will search for the words in this order

Words can be truncated by using  "wild cards" or regular expressions. "insur*" finds both insurance and insurancies.

Overview Regular Expressions


*suranc*, *versicherung, kredit*anstalt etc. The asterisk "*" is used as place holder for a variable amount of characters - or for no character


pe?ersen etc. The quotation mark "?" is used as place holder for exactly one character. The example will find "Petersen" "Pedersen" - but not "Peterson" - The latter will be found by "Pe?ers?n"

The "Search Area" where the search shall take place can be limited by the use of particular functions.

Overview "Search Area"


word must be part of the document's title


word must be a keyword assigned to the document


word must be author of the document


Other Search Areas

The "Expert Search" offers an easy way to use select the possible "Search Areas" All Search Areas can be addressed directly by entering the corresponding function.

Boolean Operators, Functions, Regular Expressions and Search Areas can be combined with no limitations.